Sunday, June 28, 2009

When you cry out,as a whitened desert pleas for rain

And you fear because of your wilting life,

He shall replenish you and make you fruitful.

When your skin is stretched out

Like ashen canvas over thirsty bones

He shall revive you and make you flourish.

Like a youthful sapling,

As a hearty oak you shall rise up

And He shall crown your head with bright leaves.

Crowns of splendor in the spring

And in the winter,warm garments.

With king’s rainment and the bread of angels

He shall sustain you

You will lead the forest in singing,

With voices of exuberance 

You shall sing.

You shall unwrap your garments,

Your precious rainment

And cast off your bounteous crowns

The first fruits of your glittering harvest

You shall take them off before your King

And offer them at His feet

Then the banner of Goodness and Truth shall unfurl

In the new-beckoned day,

In the brilliant sky.

The hills will waver in jubilation

And the creatures of the woods will clap their hands.

The ravines shall be overcome because of the abundant streams

Their loud waters shall be like music,

The silver waves like cymbals.

The wild horses will dance

And the storm of their hooves will be like drums.

The good things of the older days shall live anew

In the greatness of things to come 

And you shall never thirst again.